A Conservative in the Land of Angry Hillary Clinton Supporters

What Does a Conservative Do When Everyone Around Him is an Angry Hillary Clinton Supporter?

by Lee Enochs

“The just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17).

Things almost went very bad for me the other day as I found myself close to  a flash mob of angry liberal protesters, mad as hell that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.

I saw that they were on the verge of surrounding me and got  out of there as fast as I could…

A few days later, my commuter bus from Manhattan was delayed an hour by an angry mob of paid agitators and protestors bent on mayhem, destruction and hubris. They  were shrieking, “Donald Trump is not our president!”

I wondered within myself if this was the beginning of the end for the United States as we know it? I wondered if America was on the verge of anarchy in our city streets?

Just what does a conservative Evangelical like me do, when he finds himself in a liberal wasteland awash in political correctness and leftist ideology?  Just where does a conservative Evangelical run and hide when almost everyone around me seemingly is a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter infuriated by the election of Donald J. Trump?

As many of you know, I am attempting to earn my master’s degree here on the East Coast in the bastion of liberalism.

I have decided that to “run and hide” is not the approach that God has called me to. I know now that despite the liberal militancy of most people around me, I am called to speak and to act as a Biblical Christian. I have not been called by Jesus Christ to muzzle myself for the sake of political correctness out of fear of being persecuted by leftists. I must obey God even if I must stand alone and all my academic peers are against Me.

One of the most galling things about being in this wasteland of liberalism is the political correctness. I have been told by many of my peers that as a conservative, I have no right to express my views in any capacity.

For the record, I did not vote for Donald Trump. However, I am glad that Hillary Clinton lost. I now pray that Mr. Trump will govern in righteousness and be equitable to all Americans

I am mindful of the word of advice Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary gave me when I first came to Princeton, to find other like-minded conservatives that I can turn to amidst the storms that rage against a conservative graduate student.

It is times like these that I must turn to my faith in God amidst the storms that rage against me. I must stand and speak when no one else will. I must be like Daniel in the Lion’s den who stood for his faith against incredible odds. I must believe in and trust God even if every single person around me is against me and bent on my destruction.


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