It’s Time to Repeal All of Obamacare, Not Just Part of It

Rand Paul is Right: All of Obamacare Must be Repealed

by Lee Enochs

“For the best government is the least amount of government.”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the latest Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare was dead in the water later yesterday. McConnell also said he hoped to hold a vote on a repeal-only bill by appropriating the exact same language the majority within the GOP conference voted for last Congress.

This a major defeat for McConnell and the career politicians in the GOP. Yet, the Republicans never had the votes. As one aide told CNN late Monday night, “The votes weren’t there, aren’t there, were never gonna be there.”

Senator McConnell now wants a procedural vote on a repeal only health care bill but it is doubtful that Republicans in the U.S. Senate will vote for this at this time. Yet, every Republican senator will be asked if he or she will vote for the bill today.

Senator Rand Paul put things in perspective, and articulated why many principled conservatives could not vote for the latest bill to repeal and replace Obamacare he stated last week that he would not support the revised measure because it was still not a full repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act and instead maintains many of Obamacare’s taxes and regulations. “They’re trying to make it legal to sell other insurance policies that don’t have the regulations,” Senator Paul said about the amendment crafted by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah. “But the problem is it’s being done in the context of keeping all of the overall regulatory scheme of Obamacare. So you still have the death spiral, even with their amendment.”

Obamacare is an unconstitutional nightmare that has fundamentally changed the relationship of the government and the American people.

I agree with Senator Rand Paul and all the other Republican senators who have decided that the only possible thing to do is to repeal ALL of Obamacare, not just part of it.



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