A Letter to Richard Spencer, White Nationalist and Leader of the Alt-Right Movement

To Richard Spencer
Leader of the Alt-Right Movement,

Dear Mr. Spencer,

My name is Lee Enochs and I am a life-long conservative and Libertarian that has been carefully following your comments and videos about the events that transpired in Charlottesville this weekend.

While I utterly reject your racism and white nationalist views, your comments regarding militarized police using unconstitutional force has validity in the eyes of many Libertarians. Do you have video footage of what you allege the police did to you in Charlottesville?

Yet, now that your Alt-Right “Unite the Right” rally have come and gone, the question must now be asked what has been accomplished by such a violent spectacle? Three people are dead and scores more injured and battered and your cause has become hated by millions of Americans around the country.

After watching your videos about what happened in Charlottesville and reading your comments about the event on your Twitter feed, I know you are blaming the violence on the police, Antifa and other leftist groups who crashed your party. However, you must have known, based on previous rallies and events you have organized, that a violent outburst was going to transpire due what has occurred.

I am greatly discouraged and saddened by these series of events. While I support the first amendment and every American’s right to express his or her views, I am left wondering how the “Unite the Right” rally does not ultimately polarize Americans further apart.

Please help me out here. What did you expect to occur in Charlottesville? Also, could you give me some video footage of the police actions in Charlottesville you decry as being unconstitutional?

Lee Enochs
The Libertarian Shaman
Princeton, NJ


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