Did Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Destroy the Libertarian Party?

It’s Time for Libertarians to Move on From Liberal Gary Johnson and Return to Minimum Government and Maximum Freedom

By Lee Enochs

“The Best Government is the Least Amount of Government”

Over nine months have passed since political liberals Gary Johnson and Bill Weld hijacked the Libertarian Party and led it to crushing defeat in the Presidential election. It is now time for Libertarians across the country to do some deep soul-searching as to the future of their party and why they chose the illegitimate and ill-prepared Johnson and Weld as their nominees in the first place.

I for one was sickened by the Johnson/ Weld ticket and all those so called “Libertarians” who demanded that I vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld even if that was anathema to me and violated my conscience.

I was not afforded the maximum freedom to make my own political decisions but was coerced, without success, to vote for liberal, pro-choice candidates that were an abomination to me.

I personally was appalled by so many Johnson and Weld supporters, who in a very un-libertarian manner, attempted to coerce me to vote for political liberals against my own cherished convictions.

Why does Gary Johnson keep running for President as a Libertarian? Is he running for President every four years to pay off his massive campaign debt?

It appeared that he gave little time for preparation in his media interviews and that his heart was not in it at all. Yet, now, after another staggering loss in the general election, the question also must be asked why do Libertarians nationwide continually support Johnson as their nominee?

Many Libertarians, after decades of delegitimization and cultural marginalization, have chosen Gary Johnson as their nominee the last two election cycles, not because Johnson espouses an authentic Libertarian worldview, but because of his two gubernatorial victories as a liberal Republican governor, believe Gary Johnson lends a sense of respectability to the Libertarian brand and national ticket.

The dire tragedy here is that the party of great ideals and Ron Paul have fallen victim to political pragmatism in its quest to be taken seriously by the broader culture.

Also, what in the world, was Bill Weld doing running on the Libertarian Party ticket last fall? Weld’s statist and liberal views were a far cry from the limited government views of classic Libertarianism.

It’s time for the Libertarian Party to move on from the political progressive Gary Johnson and get back to its “minimum government and maximum freedom” roots and abandon political expediency and pragmatism as it’s mode of operation.

Gary Johnson’s staunch support of government intervention and coercion in the case of the Oregon baker still bothers me to this day. Johnson was anything but a true Libertarian and wanted to use the full power of the federal government to violate the civil liberties and conscience of an American citizen.

If anyone watched the Libertarian Presidential Debate hosted by John Stossel last year, he or she should have realized that Austin Petersen was the most authentic Libertarian of the bunch.

Did the Libertarian Party destroy itself in nominating Gary Johnson and Bill Weld last fall? Yes it did, but as a Christian, I believe in resurrection and the LP can resuscitate itself from the grave if it abandons big government statism and gets back to limited government and the maximum freedom of the individual.

If there was ever a time for the Libertarian Party to make a true impact on society and make political gains in the broader culture, it was last year. However, due to Johnson and Weld’s political progressiveness, the American voters saw little difference between Johnson / Weld and Hillary Clinton.

It’s time for Libertarians everywhere to return back to classic small government principles and abandon political pragmatism and political expediency.


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