Why I Don’t Believe in Open Borders

Violent Gangs From Central America Want to Import Crime, Death and Destruction

By Lee Enochs

As a life-long conservative with distinctly Libertarian views, I have taken a lot of heat from many of Libertarian friends for not believing in globalism, open borders and unlimited and unrestricted immigration into the United States.

I honestly do not care about labels and if my opposition to open borders does not make me “Libertarian” enough, I do not care.

I opposed the Gary Johnson and Bill Weld ticket last year on the grounds of their unconstitutional policy proposals and social liberalism and received much hostility and virulent attacks from several self-professed “Libertarians.” Thus, criticism from Libertarians is nothing new to me.

I love Liberty and the Libertarian Party, but fully reject open borders and unrestricted immigration.

By an “open border” I mean a border that enables free movement of people between different jurisdictions with limited or no restrictions on movement and without any border between adjacent countries.

I understand the general consensus of Libertarians is for open borders on the grounds of free market capitalism and it is argued that, “A truly free market requires the free movement of people, not just products and ideas.”

As a person who has written extensively on capitalism, I do not believe the entire capitalistic economic system is predicated upon open borders and believe in earning a substantial profit on the sale of products while restricting who enters into the United States.

Almost all capitalists in practice allow for some restrictions on trade and we cannot buy and sell anything we want here in the U.S. For example, we are not allowed to freely buy and sell heroin and cocaine and my call to restrict the sale of hard drugs does not mean I am a protectionist.

Anyone that has read Upton Sinclair’s classic book on the meat packing industry in Chicago entitled, “The Jungle” understands that it would be dangerous to the public good for us to allow the unrestricted sale of meat filled with sawdust and lead shavings.

There has to be some restrictions on what is bought and sold in the United States simply because there are unscrupulous and very bad people who will sell poisonous hamburger meat just to turn a profit.

Look what happened to Flint Michigan’s water supply last year. unscrupulous people allowed Flint to have contaminated water! Without restrictions and supervision on America’s water supply, evil people will allow contaminated H20 into our homes.

A report was just released about Flint’s water supply contamination still being a contributing factor today to low birth rates and other horrible ramifications. Yet, there are still Libertarians out there that believe America’s water supply should be privatized and based on capitalistic consumption.

What I am saying is that in almost every endeavor in society, from the food we eat to the water we drink, there has to be some restrictions and supervision or dangerous and bad things can occur to the American people.

Similarly, in the realm of immigration, I am calling for the restriction of the unrestrained flow of immigrants in the United States and I am not arguing against open borders because of any racist theory. The fact is, not every person that wants to freely immigrate into America has our best interests in mind.

Case in point, the existence of the violent gang known as MS13 demonstrates unequivocally that there are hundreds of thousands of criminals from just outside of America that want to immigrate to the United States to import violent gang activity and illegality.

Some Libertarians may be ok with that, but I am not an anarchist and believe there has to be laws and a minimal government to enforce them lest the complete breakdown of society occur and utter mayhem prevail.

I reject open borders on the grounds that unrestrained and unrestricted immigration allows for criminals and violent offenders to freely enter the United States to wreck havoc in this country. Idealistic notions of Libertarian economic freedom will not prevent violent gang members from Central America from introducing violence, crime and wanton mayhem into the United States.

It is simply a fact and there are countess documented reports that prove that many Central and South American countries are experiencing unfathomably bad violent gang activity which is causing thousands of people to leave their country in the hopes of reaching the United States, without border restrictions and security, MS13 and other violent gangs will enter this country as well.

Please read the following New York Times Article on how violent gangs in Central America are causing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their countries in order to try to enter the U.S.


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