Why Libertarian Party Vice-Chair Arvin Vohra Must Resign Immediately

LP National Vice-Chair Arvin Vohra’s Advocacy of Lowering the Age of Consent Laws Disqualifies Him from Office in the Libertarian Party by Lee Enochs I love Libertarianism and I love the Libertarian Party. I say this even after the LP nominated the pro-choice liberals Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to represent its Presidential and Vice-Presidential […]

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The Real Meaning of Christmas

It’s Not Politically Correct, But it’s the greatest story ever told By Lee Enochs “For unto us a Child is born and a Son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulders, And His name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). As some of […]

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How Austin Petersen Can Shock the World and Become Missouri’s Next Senator

Republican Senate Candidate Austin Petersen Can Shock the Political Establishment by Following a Page from Abraham Lincoln’s Playbook by Lee Enochs The Libertarian Shaman “For the best government is the least amount of government.” Austin Petersen, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate can win can win a stunning victory in the Republican primaries and general […]

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Rand Paul Needs a Bodyguard

After Friday’s Vicious Attack on America’s Greatest Senator, It’s Time for Rand Paul to Have a Privately Funded Bodyguard By Lee Enochs I love Rand Paul. This is no secret to those who know me in the Liberty movement. I have had a tremendous amount of respect for Senator Paul ever since he was elected […]

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